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Olon beach is one of the largest of the coast of Ecuador. Its area is 3 kilometers. This breadth gives a special beauty to it.

Olon has a viewpoint from where you can see the entire coast. It has a height of 100 meters, there is a shrine built in honor of the Virgen de la Estrella del Mar.

Olon is a small fishing village where tourism has begun to take a greater relevance. The cause has to do with the proximity to Montañita and some tourist attractions such as La Cascada Alex is among the hills of the area within 13 kilometers of Olon, a shed and surrounding ecological hostel built belongs to all community.

Another alternative is to enjoy the alternatives that nature itself provides incredible views and enjoy the sea, kilometers long walk along the beach, surfing, horseback riding, etc.

Olon is located in the Province of Santa Elena Manglaralto 6 kilometers and belongs to the commune of Olon.

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